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Conveyancing – Communication Required

Both Husband And Wife Must Sign

Our Clients Are Always Right … Or Are They

Seller's Right To Nominate Conveyancer

Ambiguity In Contracts

Beware Of The "Voetstoots" Clause

Transfer Costs

Don't Trust The Trust When You "Buy" It

Multiple Attachments At The Deeds Office.

What Is The Difference Between An “Option” And a “Pre-Emptive Right”?

Fixtures And Fittings Or Movables

Caveat Subscriptor (Beware What You Sign)

Rates Clearance Certificates

Special Conditions In a Deed Of Sale

To Occupy Or Not To Occupy

Deed Of Sale

Transfer Duty Amendment Act

Conveyancers, a New Breed Of Vat Policemen

Step-By-Step: Registration of Transfer to be effected by Conveyancers

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