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Eye catching design trends

by Standard Bank Namibia on 08 Mar 18

Each year brings with it a new batch of global trends in home design and remodelling. This year, flexibility is the big buzzword - with so many ... Read More

7 Tips for successful property management

by Standard Bank Namibia on 22 Feb 18

Investing in properties is a wonderful way to secure a future free of financial worries. Of course, as with everything in life, it does come with... Read More

FNB Housing Index

by Josephat Nambashu on 15 Feb 18

FNB Residential Property Monthly - June, 2017 Highlights for the month Average house prices up 6.4% annually to N$1,199,000 Demand... Read More

Investing in stocks? Homework is everything

by Standard Bank Namibia on 14 Feb 18

Of the many methods available for investing your money, buying stocks provides one of the highest potential returns. If you’ve made the decisi... Read More

Budgeting basics to start your year

by Standard Bank Namibia on 09 Feb 18

A lot of us keep our budgets in our heads. Your internal dialogue may be something like: "The car costs this, the mortgage that, insurance works... Read More